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Values is some sort of requirement or guidance that support as a foundation on how someone or an organization think, take decisions, behave and act. Organizational values can also be explained as what is actually have become the practice of the organization. It is also can be translated as what is being witnessed, believed, trusted, done and practiced by the employees of the organization as realistic values.

There are 11 values that is adopted by LPMAK in running the organization and implementing its programs to achieve the Vision of 2010 – 2014:

  1. TrustworthyTrustworhiness is a behavior which shows compatibility between what is said and what is being done, based on the mandate awarded by LPMAK’s stakeholders
    Local indigenous people in Mimika Regency put a great hope and trust upon LPMAK in implementing community development program which drawn from PTFI Partnership Fund. That is why, trustworthiness behaviour must be implemented by all employees in delivering best services to the institutions and community
  2. ConsistentHolding strong and have the courage to take the risk in implementing all policies, rules and organization’s decisions.
    Organizational policy, rules and decisions are meant to become the guidance so that the progress of activity management may go smoothly. That is why, all LPMAK employees, all members of BoD and BoC must be consistent.
  3. OpennessTrait and behavior that are always willing to receive and deliver the right and factual information about the management of the institution.
    LPMAK emphasize openness in managing the organization, fund and program, with the activity of utilizing the natural resources and development of human resources and delivering the result of the implementation to the stakeholders
  4. AccountableTrait and behavior that is always ready to do the tasks, by deploying all resources on hand.
    All employees and boards of LPMAK put high regard on high level of accountability in doing their job and authority. High level of accountability is also required in decision making that is siding with organizational interest and the welfare of the community.
  5. ProfessionalTrait and behavior which is always employs the best skills and experience to complete a task to produce the best results.
    All LPMAK’s employees and boards should have suitable ability and experience and always try to achieve the best results.
  6. HonestTrait and behavior which have high regard on the truth and ethics. Honesty should become the need of all LPMAK’s employees in running the organization and serve the participants of the programs.
  7. Courageous Trait and behavior that are always reveal the truths.
    All LPMAK employees and boards should have a courageous trait in revealing the truth and facts in fund management, about the organization and program.
  8. Fair & JustTrait and behavior that treat each and every stakeholders proportionally, without any discriminations.
    Fair $ just must become the guidance in delivering the services for anyone, internally and externally.
  9. EmpowermentThe action the improve ability and capacity of others.
    LPMAK focused on human resources quality development, whether it is upon the employees or the indigenous people of Mimika Regency. All of the management of the organization, fund and program should directed toward the realization of community empowerment.
  10. SustainabilityTrait and behavior that are always consider the economical, social and environmental factors in every decision making.
    One of the foundation of LPMAK program planning is to contribute to the sustainability. By that, LPMAK is working hard to always manage the organization and the programs to achieve social, economical and environmental sustainability.
  11. Alignments

    Trait and behavior that are always give the first priority for the interest of the people who owns the ulayat right
    All activities should be oriented towards local wisdom to achieve welfare for the community who owns the ulayat rights (Amungme and Kamoro people)