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Mimika is asked to do a more active participation in building local people’s economy endurance in Mimika. For all this time, the district government seems ignorance and has done nothing to develop the local people.
The statement came out from Nduga tribe’s Economy Division Field Supervisor of Amungme Kamoro Communtiy Development Foundation (LPMAK), Elias Mirip, after he had finished his assistance to his group.
“We need the local government and business owners to give back ups to our efforts so that businesses run by people from seven tribes can be successful in facing the competition in agricultural business in Mimika,” explained Elias.
He elaborated that the building of Mimika’s people economic endurance should be done together by all parties, included private and public parties.
LPMAK Nduga’s Economy Division, Elias, stated that he kept urging Society Self-help Group (KSM) to keep upgrading their skills and wills to develop a more  productive business. Even so, still not many KSM have the ability to run a business efficiently and effectively.
These society’s business groups only run their economic operations seasonally. Elias further explained, “Their business activities are only done when they have got their share of supporting fund. If they have used up all the money , they stop doing business,” Elias told us.
Elias said that at least 60% Nduga’s business groups had not yet got the ability to run the business well. These business groups only ran their business every time they had just got the helping fund for economic purposes through step-by-step funding program. “Since 2003 up to 2009, a large numbers of KSM do only short term businesses which are done after they have received the money,” he said.
Nduga’s Economy Division keeps struggling to make breakthrough in people’s economic operations. Elias then asked KSM members under him who had at least half acres of land to do agricultural business in long term. Several agricultural plants they were trying to nurse were bananas, oranges and durians.
“Not only we ask them to make long term business but we also give them company and technical training, on the spot,  at their fields the whole time from the land opening process up to the planting period. While giving company and training, we continue to motivate them as well so that both the administrators and the members have a clear idea on how to do farming,” explained Elias Mirip. 

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